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C60Complete BreathEZR Diffuser & C60Complete Oil



Imagine being able to breathe easier AND take on any wellness issue.


Now you can get this 

amazing patent pending combination

 in a revolutionary diffuser and C60 oil.

C60BreathEZR  Oil is

lab processed through a complex medical filtration system to optimize bioavailability and atomization.


Patreon Members:
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for your discount!

Three POWERFUL, thoroughly researched, acclaimed ingredients bonded together in a unique process to optimize performance and bioavailability.

  • Researched. Verified. Patent-Pending.

  • Only the finest, organic ingredients

  • Propriety Frequency Process



Wow! Incredible. I've been using the diffuser and my sinuses are more clear than in years. My brain hasn't been this coherent since my thirties. (I'm 57 years young.)  Miraculous. Thank you for creating this. Thank you, thank you!

Nishia Burtschi | Musician


L​ive​LongerL​abs has been awarded several new patents on present and upcoming products​!​  We ARE NOT the copycats. We were and continue to be the original pioneers in Carbon60 Research and Development.

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